15 Ed Sheeran Love Songs You Need At Your Wedding

Posted on: November 11th, 2021

I often ask couples what sort of music they like, and while it can be difficult to think of a specific song on the spot, it’s easier to pinpoint your favourite artist. Naturally Ed Sheeran is a firm favourite of many of my clients. The Suffolk-born sensation has had countless hits, and many of them are very well-suited to weddings. Here are some ideas:

15 Ed Sheeran Love Songs
15 Ed Sheeran Love Songs
15 Ed Sheeran Love Songs

1. Perfect

The song that is *perfect* as a first dance or aisle anthem. Ed at his most romantic, singing with gusto about the woman he loves.

2. Thinking Out Loud

I regard this as the OG of wedding songs, along with A Thousand Years by Christina Perri and All Of Me by John Legend. Beautiful lyrics, expertly written.

3. Tenerife Sea

“You look so wonderful in your dress.” It doesn’t get much more ‘wedding’ than that! A really endearing choice for one of the key parts of your day.

4. Lego House

One of Ed’s earliest and finest compositions, from his debut album +. This is very well suited to a solo acoustic guitar and vocal performer.

5. Shape Of You

It’s not just about the soppy tunes at a wedding – we need something to dance to! This song is one of the most streamed of all time and is sure to get your guests moving.

6. Castle On The Hill

Released at the same time as Shape Of You, Castle On The Hill tells of Ed’s upbringing but the big singalong chorus can make it a sure fire hit at a wedding.

7. Cold Coffee

One of Ed’s lesser known songs, composed with Amy Wadge (Amy also co-wrote Thinking Out Loud). Simple and effective, with a lovely melody.

8. Sing

Another dance floor banger. Ed really made the most of working with Pharell Williams, who has brought out all the liveliness with this song.

9. The A Team

Not necessarily wedding fodder but it’s an Ed Sheeran classic, winning the Ivor Novello award for songwriting. One of those ‘haven’t heard it for ages’ iconic pieces of music.

10. You Need Me, I Don’t Need You

This song is great fun, with the potential for rapping and looping. It’s one of Ed’s oldest songs and brought him international fame and recognition. See how many lyrics you can remember.

11. I See Fire

Made famous in The Hobbit movie franchise, this is a soft and lilting song that is surprisingly well-known.

12. Photograph

*Don’t mention the lawsuit*. This is archetypal Ed Sheeran writing at its finest, with a great singalong falsetto chorus.

13. Don’t

A slightly aggy song, but a good one all the same! Ed showing his feisty side. This song can easily be mixed with others into a funky mashup.

14. Galway Girl

Not my favourite Sheeran tune, but plenty of people seem to like it! He goes back to his Irish roots to deliver this feelgood jig.

15. How Would You Feel (Paean)

Channelling the Van Morrison vibes, this is an enchanting piece of songwriting that works brilliantly as a first dance.

Ed more or less has something to fit every mood, for every part of your big day. Go and check him out! And if you’d like to hear a clip of any one of these songs, get in touch with me here.