A Hertfordshire Wedding – Hannah and Ross at South Farm, Royston

For the wedding of Ross and Hannah at South Farm in Herts, I played three sets: one for afternoon reception drinks, one during the wedding breakfast and one for the turnaround when evening guests arrived.

The couple’s ceremony took place onsite and guests then poured out into the courtyard. Ice cream was on offer, made fresh at the venue, and although it wasn’t a hot day, friends and family still took full advantage!

South Farm is a very picturesque venue and a number of animals including pigs and geese came out to say hello to us during the day…

Following the first drinks reception, guests made their way into the barn. Ross and Hannah had chosen to have their speeches before the meal rather than at the end, which seems to be an increasingly popular option. The father of the bride, groom and best men definitely get to enjoy their meals more this way, without having to be … Continue reading

A Suffolk Wedding – Kirsty and Adam at Hengrave Hall

Playing at the wedding of Kirsty and Adam was my first visit to Hengrave Hall in Suffolk, and what an impressive venue it is! A very imposing and grand building, I drove up the long entrance driveway and was excited to make my debut there. The weather was a little grey and misty, but this only added to the splendour of Hengrave.

I performed some more upbeat numbers during the wedding breakfast

I played right up to the start of the speeches.

Hengrave Hall was a very grand setting to sing in.

Kirsty and Adam had a fabulous wedding cake.

I played for Kirsty and Adam during their afternoon reception drinks and the wedding breakfast. The drinks took place in a beautiful drawing room with hard floors and wood panelling, which was great for the acoustics. The couple had not been very specific about what they wanted … Continue reading

An Essex Wedding – Betty and Eric at Parklands, Quendon Hall

I recently performed at the wedding of Betty and Eric at Quendon Hall, Parklands in Essex. I am quite a regular at Parklands and have sung there many times. However, Betty and Eric’s day was a little different. They did not have a DJ, and it was my job to provide all of the musical entertainment. With my trusty guitar and Bose PA system, I was up for the challenge!

The couple had enjoyed a traditional Chinese tea ceremony in addition to the wedding ceremony earlier that day. It was quite a small party of 40 or so guests, which made for a very intimate evening.

Eric and Betty chose Stand By Me as their first dance, and confetti cannons were fired during the performance.

All of the guests enjoyed Eric’s speech, which followed the meal.

The couple were a pleasure to play for, and I even managed to correctly … Continue reading

Are you choosing a wedding ring? Make sure you read this first…

Your wedding rings are a fundamental part of your special day. An unbroken circle, they represent you and your partner’s married life together. For this post I speak to Colin Tuson of COO Jewellers, who has been advising couples in Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, London and beyond about wedding jewellery for many years, from the company’s bases at Martels Wedding Village in Essex and Hatton Garden in London. Colin shares his many years of experience and top tips below. If you are looking to choose a ring, his advice will come in very handy…

What is important to bear in mind when selecting rings? Your wedding ring is something that you’ll want to wear for the rest of your life, so it has to have the wow factor. Whether you want a traditional band or something more individual, it is important that a ring complements the bride’s engagement ring and suits a couple’s personal style. That said, … Continue reading

Wedding Hair and Make-Up Advice from A Pro: Gemma Peace

During my time singing at weddings in Essex, Herts, Suffolk, London and beyond, I have met and worked alongside some fantastic professionals who really know their stuff. One such supplier is Gemma Peace, a professional hair stylist and make-up artist (MUA) who has a great deal of experience working at weddings. In this post, Gemma offers a fascinating insight into her world, and provides some great tips for any bridal party planning a look for their big day:

How did you become interested in hair and make up as a profession? Originally I wanted to be an actor, so I went to university to study Performing Arts. I started designing the hair and make up looks for performances at uni and discovered a love for it. I thought that if I kept acting as a talent on the side, I could work as a hair stylist and make up artist alongside acting. I graduated, … Continue reading

How To Choose A Wedding Dress: Tips From An Expert

During my time singing at weddings in Essex, Herts, Suffolk, London and beyond, I have met and appreciated the work of dozens of talented suppliers, including magician Nick Brown. Naturally I am a big fan of live music at weddings (and an acoustic guitarist and singer is a fantastic choice!) but I’m also keen to share the wisdom of other wedding suppliers. For this post, I spoke to bridal wear specialist Nell’Amore, based in Halstead near Colchester, Essex and owned by Lauren Jeffs. Lauren has been providing great advice on dresses for brides and running her own business for more than seven years. I am no expert on dresses, but fortunately Lauren is! Here’s what she had to say:

Embellishments are popular, as is having an oyster or gold hue. Lauren says that ‘more creative and daring backs’ are often seen too. Nell’Amore prides … Continue reading

Great Reasons To Hire A Magician For Your Wedding…

I am a singer and acoustic guitarist who is very experienced in performing at weddings in Essex, Herts, Suffolk, London and beyond. I am a great believer in live music, but I am also a great believer in wedding entertainment in all its forms! For this blog post, I sat down with magician Nick Brown, who told me a little more about the art of magic and performing it at special occasions. Magicians should never reveal their secrets, but here Nick lets us in on one or two:

How long have you been interested in magic, and why weddings? My interest in magic started when I was a small boy. I used to spend my school holidays with my Grandad, and he would show me tricks, sparking my interest. Around 10 years ago I decided I would like to turn professional, so I started studying, practicing and taking one-to-one lessons. Before long I was … Continue reading

The Top 5 Acoustic Wedding Singer Songs of the Year

As well as releasing some outstanding music this year, Ed Sheeran closed Glastonbury on the Pyramid Stage. He has had a remarkable career so far and I'm sure he will release a lot more music that is well-suited to weddings in the future.

This year I have performed at weddings in Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, London, the Midlands and even in Italy, and each wedding has been a unique occasion, especially when it comes to music choices. I have been amazed at the range of songs that have been requested. Some couples take an old school approach, while others ask for songs that have just entered the charts. As expected, Ed Sheeran’s huge album Divide sparked many requests when it came out in March. Some couples chose hard-hitting emotional songs, while others opted for reworked dance classics stripped back, but all of them were perfect for their special day. Here are my top 5 acoustic wedding singer songs in reverse order…

As well as releasing some outstanding music this year, Ed Sheeran closed Glastonbury on the Pyramid Stage. He has had a remarkable career so far and I’m sure he will release a lot more music that is well-suited to weddings … Continue reading

Acoustic Wedding Singer Highlight of the Year: Jess and Nik, Lake Como

It is always a great pleasure and privilege to be asked to sing at a wedding, and this was especially true in July when Jess and Nik Sanyal asked me to travel to Lake Como in Italy and play for them.

I’m accustomed to performing at weddings in Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, London and other parts of the south east of the UK – this was a lot further afield so it was a real treat! Having live entertainment, and specifically an acoustic guitarist and singer, was high on the Sanyals’ priority list. It was my job to sing during the wedding ceremony and afternoon drinks reception.

The wedding had been planned for more than two years, and took place on Saturday 12th July. Nik and Jess had visited the wedding venue once before and knew that it was perfect for them, and that they wanted to get married abroad. A formal wedding ceremony had already been completed in the UK, … Continue reading